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Long-Term Care

The need for long-term care planning in Pennsylvania is growing. As more and more baby boomers approach and experience their 60s, outliving income may become less of a concern, while maintaining good health becomes their priority. It’s crucial to have a strategy for funding long-term care without draining your retirement assets.

We can help you navigate the complex world of long-term care planning and what to consider before opting into Medicaid. Planning for these potential expenses on the front end can save you from paying for it later.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance in Pennsylvania helps protect you from heavy financial burdens if you or your spouse is unable to perform standard acts of daily living (i.e. walking, using the bathroom unaided, bathing, etc.). We believe you should not have to worry about the financial cost of a long-term health crisis. Our comprehensive review of your current long-term care insurance provides options for hybrid products that include both long-term care protection and wealth preservation.

Long-Term Care Planning in Pennsylvania

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