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Investment Management

From balancing your portfolio investments to creating a budget, we look at your full financial picture when managing your investment accounts. Our goals are to aim for growth and to get your portfolio ready for retirement.

During your first meeting with us, we’ll sit down, look at your current portfolio allocation and strategy, analyze your risk tolerance (how much risk you’re comfortable with), and talk about areas in your investment strategy that could be improved to better match your retirement and wealth goals.

We have licensed investment management advisors in Pennsylvania who are equipped to provide advice and trade securities without having to go to an outside shop. We can also help work with you on a budget, a plan to minimize taxes, and a holistic view of your retirement.

Portfolio Fee Analysis

Do you know how much in fees you pay each year? If not, we can help get you the answer! Fees add up over time and eat away at your nest egg. It’s important to look at not only the expense ratio but also the tax cost to see how much your performance could be reduced by each year. Have your fees X-rayed, set against benchmarks, and get a professional recommendation!

Our comprehensive wealth management and fee analysis tools have the ability to break down what’s inside of your current investments line by line, so you can finally understand exactly what you are paying. Then we will walk you through whether the fees are adequate to the product and what alternatives may exist.

Cash Management

Many of our clients have cash reserves or liquidated assets for a number of reasons. Some don’t trust the market, others use it to pay off debt, while some even treat it as an income stream.

We realize liquidated cash offers benefits that invested money doesn’t have — it’s protected and 100% liquid, and it can feel better to have. That’s why we’ve developed cash management programs that give all the benefits of cash while keeping the money actively working for you. Our programs offer a potential for growth while keeping your cash accessible to you.

The truth is your cash needs wise management just as much as your investments. We can help ensure your cash reserves are working for you, not holding you back.

Investment Management with Pennsylvania Financial Advisors

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